Thursday, September 08, 2011

Music List - Albums L

Leafcutter John may be the strangest album I own. It's a sort of ambient but precisely what sort I couldn't tell you. It usually annoys me but I feel somehow, I know not why, obliged to plug away until I get it. Lexis is a great drum n' basss album which I heard on John Peel. He introduced me to some fabulous stuff. Los Lobos produce great tracks but a whole album never quite delivers enough. Peace is one of my current desert island discs. There's a long live version here. Little Steven was guitarist in the E Street Band. Do you neeed any further credentials?

Ladyhawke 2008 (CD) Ladyhawke
Seth Lakeman 2002 (CD) The Punch Bowl
2006 (CD) Kitty Jay
2006 (CD) Freedom Fields
2008 (CD) Poor Man's Heaven
The La's 1990 (CD) The La's
The Last Shadow Puppets 2008 (CD) The Age of the Understatement
Lazy Dog Volume 2 2001 (CD) Lazy Dog
LCD Soundsystem 2010 (CD) This is Happening
Leafcutter John 2006 (CD) The Forest and the Sea
Led Zeppelin 1969 (CD) Led Zeppelin
1969 (V) Led Zeppelin 2
1970 (CD) Led Zeppelin 3
1971 (V) Led Zeppelin 4
1973 (CD) Houses of the Holy
Leftfield 1995 (V) Leftism
John Legend and the Roots 2010 (CD) Wake Up!
Legends 2003 (CD) Daily Mail
John Lennon 1975 (V) Rock 'N' Roll
Les Savvy Fav 2007 (CD) Let's Stay Friends
2010 (CD) Root for Ruin
Level 42 1984 (V) True Colours
Lexis 2000 (CD) Branch of Knowledge
Huey Lewis and the News 1986 (V) Fore!
The Libertines 2004 (CD) Exclusive Observer CD
Limp Bizkit 2000 (CD) Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water
Little Dragon 2007 (CD) Little Dragon
Little Steven 1987 (V) Freedom No Compromise
Living Colour 1990 (V) Time's Up
London Electricity 2003 (CD) Billion Dollar Gravy
London Symphony Orchestra and Guest Soloists
1972 (V) Tommy
Lone Wolf 2010 (CD) The Devil and I
Los Lobos 1984 (V) How Will the Wolf Survive
1992 (V) Kiko
2006 (CD) The Town and the City
Lupe Fiasco 2007 (CD) The Cool

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