Friday, September 30, 2011

Bit Weary

Sometimes, in order to encourage myself, I read back in the blog twelve months. It is interesting to see what I was concerned about then.

Bit of a shock today. I discover I used to be interesting and able to write. Thirteen weeks since the last break and eighteen months since working in a full team have sapped a bit of oomph. See. Oomph sapping is not a metaphor anyone who could write would come up with. Or even up with which they would not come if you care about not ending a sentence with a preposition. Although you can end a sentence with the word preposition. Isn't English fun?

I also found the first few chapters of a novel I started. I'd forgotten the plot. It's really quite good.

I feel encouraged that it is only weariness that keeps me from those heights (certainly it isn't modesty) so a few days off in a few days time will be restorative.


Anonymous said...

Ah! You've noticed what everyone else noticed some time ago.

Anonymous said...

you're boring!!!!