Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beer, Bible and Big Pizza

Holy Trinity and Trendlewood church members may have spotted the 'Notice of the Week' last Sunday. To try and make sure we don't underline everything we choose one or two notices of the 'if-you-only-read-one' variety.

On Thursday October 6th at 8.00 p.m. in the Trinity Centre, Nailsea I will be hosting an interesting men's evening.

Beer, Bible and Big Pizza will be four guys, in front of an audience, talking about the Bible. What are their favourite bits? Worst bits? Bits they'd tear out if given half a chance?

My guests will be:
  • Richard Calverley, a former missionary, a current occupational therapist and a soon-to-be vicar's husband.
  • Andrew Slade, a senior civil servant who has been a private secretary, projects director for the south-west development agency and big-wig at Defra.
  • Paul Roberts, the only other reverend on the panel, who is a theologian and lecturer on liturgy and worship at Trinity College, Bristol.
It should be entertaining, a bit like a TV chat show, and non-threatening. All the audience members will be required to do will be to listen, drink beer and eat pizza, although there will be a chance for questions and comments.

I've set up a Facebook page for the event. Let me know if you are coming and how many guests you will be bringing so I don't end up having to eat a ridiculous amount of pizza and drink hundreds of pints of beer myself. Then again.

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