Monday, August 22, 2011

Music List - T

Well here's an interesting collection. The second single I ever bought was by Them, a first incarnation of Van Morrison. Also Drummer Man by Tonight, the greatest single ever made.

10CC 1973 (V) Rubber Bullets

1978 (V) Dreadlock Holiday

20th Century 1980 (V) Stand Up and Be Counted

A Taste of Honey 1978 (V) Boogie Oogie Oogie

Teardrop Explodes 1981 (V) Reward

Tears for Fears 1982 (V) Change

1984 (V) Shout

1985 (VT) Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Technos 1984 (V) Nightime Heaven

Television 1977 (V) Prove It

Ten Years After 1968 (V) Portable People

Them 1965 (V) Here Comes the Night

Then Jericho 1988 (V) Big Area

Thompson Twins 1984 (V) Lay Your Hands on Me

Tanita Tikaram 1988 (V) Twist in my Sobriety

Tom Tom Club 1981 (V) Wordy Rappinghood

1988 (V) Suboceana (Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom)

Tonight 1978 (V) Drummer Man

Peter Tosh 1983 (V) Johnny B. Goode

Toto 1978 (V) Hold the Line

Pete Townshend 1980 (V) Let My Love Open the Door

Toy Dolls 1984 (V) Nellie the Elephant

T'Pau 1988 (V) Valentine

T Rex 1971/2 (V) Bang a Gong (Get It On) / Telegram Sam

Tubeway Army 1979 (V) Are Friends Electric

Tweets 1981 (V) Birdie Song

Judy Tzuke 1978 (V) For You

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