Sunday, August 21, 2011

Music List - S

S is a popular letter for the name of a band from the 1970s and 1980s, which explains the length of today's list. Also Sounds (late, lamented) gave away fine free EPs. There are many of these Ss I feel a huge desire to play right now to kick start my Sunday morning. And Lily the Pink:

Sad Café 1979 (V) My Oh My
Sade 1984 (V) Smooth Operator
Santana 1977 (V) She's Not there
1978 (V) Well All Right
Saxon 1981 (V) Never Surrender
Leo Sayer 1973 (V) Why is Everybody Going Home?
Scaffold 1968 (V) Lily the Pink
Peter Schilling 1983 (V) Major Tom (Going Home)
Seal 1991 (V) Future Love Paradise
Secret Affair 1979 (V) Time for Action
1980 (V) My World
Sex Pistols 1977 (V) God Save the Queen
1977 (V) Pretty Vacant
Shakatak 1982 (V) Night Birds
Sandie Shaw 1984 (V) Hand in Glove
Shakatak 1984 (V) Down on the Street
Feargal Sharkey 1995 (V) A Good Heart
Sharpe and Numan 19895 (V) Change Your Mind
Sheila B. Devotion 1979 (V) Spacer
Shed Seven 1996 (V) Going for Gold
Shirley and Company 1975 (V) Shame, Shame, Shame
Shocking Blue 1969 (V) Venus
Sigue Sigue Sputnik 1986 (V) Love Missile F1-11
Paul Simon 1975 (V) 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Simon and Garfunkel 1970 (V) Bridge Over Troubled Water
Simple Minds 1979 (V) Life in a Day
1983 (V) Waterfront
Simply Red 1985 (V) Money's Too Tight (To Mention)
Siouxsie and the Banshees 1980 (V) Israel
1980 (V) Christine
Sister Sledge 1973 (V) Mama Never Told Me
1979 (V) He's the Greatest Dancer
Six. by seven 2004 (CD) Ocean
Peter Skellern 1975 (V) Hold on To Love
Slade 1971 (V) Coz I Love You
1974 (V) How Does It Feel
1974 (V) Everyday
1984 (V) All Join Hands
Sly and the Family Stone 1968 (V) Dance to the Music
Smash Mouth 1997 (CD) Walkin' on the Sun
Smiths 1984 (V) What Difference Does It Make
Snap 1990 (V) The Power
Sniff N'The Tears 1978 (V) Drivers Seat
Soft Cell 1981 (V) Bedsitter
SOS Band 1983 (V) Just Be Good to Me
Sounds 1985 (V) W.E.A. Christmas Cracker
1985/6 (V) E.M.I. Rock Showdown U.S.A. v U.K.
1985/6 (V) Polydor Presents - Free with Sounds
1985/6 (V) Sounds Free
1986/7 (V) Showcase Singles 1, 2 and 3
1987 (V) Sonic Sounds 1, 2 and 3
1987/8 (V) Sounds Waves 1, 2 and 3
1988 (V) Sounds Machine EP 1, 2 and 3
1988/89 (V) Sounds Blasts EP 1, 2 and 3
Soup Dragons 1990 (V) I'm Free
Spandau Ballet 1983 (V) Communication
1984 (V) Only When You Leave
Sparks 1972 (V) Wonder Girl
The Special A.K.A. 1979 (V) Gangsters
1984 (V) Nelson Mandela
The Specials 1980 (V) Too Much: Too Young
1981 (V) Ghost Town
Spiller 2000 (Tape) Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
Bruce Springsteen 1975 (V) Born To Run
1984 (V) Dancing in the Dark
Split Enz 1979 (V) I Got You
1981 (V) History Never Repeats
Spyro Gyra 1979 (V) Morning Dance
Squeeze 1980 (V) Another Nail in My Heart
1981 (V) Is That Love?
1987 (V) Hourglass
Ringo Star 1974 (V) Only You
Status Quo 1970 (V) In My Chair
1974 (V) Down Down
1976 (V) Rain
1977 (V) Rockin' All Over the World
Stealers Wheel 1973 (V) Star
1973 (V) Everything Will Turn Out Fine
Steel Pulse 1978 (V) Prodigal Son
Steely Dan 1972 (V) Do It Again
1973 (V) My Old School
1976 (V) Haitian Divorce
1978 (V) FM (No Static at All)
Cat Stevens 1970 (V) Lady D'Arbanville
1971 (V) Morning has Broken
Al Stewart 1976 (V) Year of the Cat
Rod Stewart 1971 (V) Maggie May
1975 (V) Sailing
1980 (V) Passion
1981 (V) Young Turks
1981 (V) Tonight I'm Yours
1983 (V) Baby Jane
Sting 1991 (V) The Soul Cages
Stone the Crows 1972 (V) Good Time Girl
Stranglers 1977 (V) Grip
1977 (V) No More Heroes
1978 (V) Walk on By
1984 (V) No Mercy
Strawbs 1972 (V) Lay Down
Stray Cats 1980 (V) Runaway Boy
Stray Dog 1973 (V) Speak of the Devil
Stretch 1975 (V) Why Did You Do It?
Style Council 1983 (V) Money-Go-Round
1984 (V) My Ever Changing Moods
1984 (V) Shout to the Top
1984 (V) Groovin
Donna Summer 1977 (V) Down Deep Inside
1982 (V) State of Independence
Supertramp 1982 (V) It's Raining Again
Sweet 1978 (V) Love is Like Oxygen
Rachel Sweet 1978 (V) B.A.B.Y.

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jw said...

Dancing in the Dark. Classic YouTube video of a teenage (ish) Courtney Cox getting on stage and dancing with Springsteen.