Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tip for coping with life 8324

Butterfly brains eh? Good job they're not in mid-Atlantic or they'd cause chaos. Prodigal God, caramel sauce, recycling, novels made only of questions, marking, breakfast, wedding couple, parish prayers, emails...

Gosh it's busy in here.

This morning I remembered I had to put out the Riverford Boxes as the delivery guy had got in the habit of not ringing the bell. I turned right as usual into the study instead of left to the garage where the boxes are and immediately started on emails including one which reminded me I had to get a notice done for this week. As I wrote it I thought of another line for a song I'm working on. I went to the piano to add it to the score and on the way discovered I needed to go to the bathroom before I could sing it.

I noticed that I was too many levels away from Riverford Boxes to get back there and so I worked out how I had got there and as I went to the bathroom said '4' to myself. Then I wrote the song line and sang it (3) then I did the boxes (1) and then emails (2).

It helped. Butterfly brains of the world, listen. When you have a task you really must do, try to shout out a number each time you get a step removed from it. You may not recall what it was you were supposed to be doing but you will know there is something back there. I posted this (2) when I should have been marking Open Studies scripts. I'll get to that when I've had a shower (2) on the way to which I expect I'll tidy the kitchen (3).

I've had breakfast (5). No idea where that fitted and the guy on Midweek from St Martin's in the Fields about to be Bishop of Salisbury is interesting (6) as are the three blackbirds sunning themselves on the lawn (7).

That will be twenty guineas.


Anonymous said...

This sounds very familiar.
Actually I was about to shut down the computer until I read this post.
I too enjoyed listening to the vicar of St Martin's in the Fields. Some really interesting ideas there.

Revsimmy said...

8324 sounds a LOOOOOOOOONG way from where you started :)

(Word verification - "screwi" )