Monday, March 07, 2011

(Peter's Poem) Transfiguration

I heard the voice of Jesus say
A load of stuff to ponder
I found him a perplexing place
My mind began to wander

I looked at Jesus one fine day
I saw him fresh and clear
I proudly said 'You are the Christ.'
He didn't give a cheer.

Instead he stated teaching
To prevent me getting cocky
He said he'd build his church on me
I got a nickname - Rocky

And then he said he had to die
'No way' I said - 'that's mad'
He looked at me - the way he does
And told me I was bad

I heard the voice of Jesus say
'Take up your cross and walk'
I found it a distressing way
For a Messiah to talk

I went with Jesus, James and John
We had to climb a mountain
And at the top he sort of changed
Which made us all start shoutin'

'Let's build a tent for you three guys
For Eli, you and Moses'
I wonder - how to shield my eyes
From quite how bright his clothes is

And then I heard the scariest thing
Since Jesus did his healings
A deep and thunderous voice
Which spoke directly to my feelings

'This is my son he ain't half bad
Why don't you duffers listen?'
And Jesus, he just stood there
And his face began to glisten.

'Fear not 'said Jesus 'Don't be scared
Get up it's time to go
And try to keep your mouths shut
As I want no-one to know.'

I heard the voice of Jesus say
This mystery is a secret
I found it an exciting day
I hope he helps me keep it

(St - Nailsea - 6/3/11)

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