Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Football League Show

I do love watching all the goals from the Championship and the Football League each week. It is such a contrast with the days when football was first televised and I was allowed to stay up to see Match of the Day which might have found itself broadcasting two goalless draws. These days it is a disappointment to miss a single goal in all four divisions.

That said the format of the Football League Show has made the punditry so dull. Typical comment:

Manish: (Name) has done an excellent job at (Club); that's three wins and a draw, ten points out of the last fifteen. He's really turned them round.

Steve Claridge: Yeah, no, I mean, fair play to him he's got them playing and instilled some confidence.

Manish: How has it changed since you played for them?

Then Lizzie reads out some emails and texts from fans who either say their teams is great or rubbish and the manager has to go or stay.

Brighten up please.

Although not for the faint-hearted this spoof bio of Claridge is hilarious.

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Wantage Wanderer said...

Two comments: the largest problem with the show is that it's on too late. My energy levles struggle to the end of MOTD even before the Football League Show has started! (I know this is the age of Sky plus - but is the Football League worthy of recording?)

The issue of goalless draws on MOTD being an unfair delay seems OK to me. Good premiership defending probably has more skill than successful Football League attacking? The worth isn't in goals as for every goal there is something which hasn't gome right defensively.

Just my view!