Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diocesan News

A few years ago I decided not to join any Christian organisation except the Church of England. It seemed to me that every time someone had a beef about anything a pressure group was being formed. And all extra-curricular activities were being run by separate organisations rather than churches.

ABWON, MORIB, EGGS, Reform, FIF, New Wine, Eclectics and others all sought my membership or support at some time or other. Bonus mark if you can remember what they all are.

One of the troubles with all this is that organisations set up to support the Church of England ended up setting up parallel structures and programmes, then left you feeling guilty if you didn't do their thing. This is a bold statement from an ex-employee of CPAS but trust me when I say I never, in my ten years helping churches with youthwork, lost sight of the fact that it was the churches' agenda which was leading us; not vice versa.

So I am excited about Holy Trinity and Trendlewood's vision to be a hub of help to other churches in the south-west. Our Trinity Project is not about buildings but about collecting together plant, kit and expertise that can resource others if they want it.

In that context it is important that we tie ourselves into a bigger structure and that structure should be the Church of England. So I really want to encourage my local followers to be enthusiastic readers of Diocesan communication - e-bulletins, Connect, Manna (the magazine) all do a discreet job and will be the better if we engage with them. Swamp the diocesan communications office with correspondence.

You might start with the diocesan web-site. Click here to give it a viewing and tell them what you think. Don't mince words. We're all pretty thick-skinned. We? Yes, I have a bit to do with all this and can't think of any way of making it better other than getting quality feedback.


Ian S-T said...

I like it - giving up joining groups (and not just for Lent).
Steve, one tendency I've seen in stronger churches is not to bother attending fraternals and chapter meetings because already they have all the support they need internally. Forgetting that other churches need their fellowship - it's a mutual thing.

St said...

Agreed Ian,

I'm just back from Chapter and I make that, Local Ministers Group (anglican) and Churches Together a priority.

Anonymous said...

Had a look at e-bulletins, Connect, Manna, web site...most disappointing.