Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Next Book

I find the world of publishing a little weird on occasions, for as copies of Mustard Seed Shavings - the book hit the shops BRF will be screaming at me to deliver my script for the next one.

The next one? Oh yes. So much Christian publishing is aimed at leaders that I want to have a go at what it's like to be led. At heart the book will be about church - how to belong to one without being a leader of it.

What should I talk about? (I know that should have been 'About what should I talk?') I have a pretty good idea, having listened to the moans and groans down the ages, but would love to hear from anyone who wishes to make suggestions. Ta in advance.


Marcella said...

How to avoid volunteering for things you don't actually want to do...and why leaders shouldn't bother trying to guilt-trip people into doing stuff. It won't be done well if it's not done by someone with a heart for it...

Caroline Too said...

I once designed a course for Creative Followers....
four themes (that I now call acting conversationally)
coherently diverse
helpfully subversive
persuadably political
tentatively assertive

I've never been fully certain whether these are oxymorons or paradoxes, but I have found that people working in organizations have found them helpful

I wrote a little more about what I mean by them here (if it's of interest)

Anonymous said...

I would find it helpful to know what to do when your leaders tell you they've prayed about something,and are doing what they feel led to, but you think God wants something different. Also maybe something on choosing a church- what matters and what doesn't. Looking forward to reading it!
Jude munday

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued that having been a leader in christian ministry for over 25 years that you wish to write a book on 'what it is like to be led'. I've no doubt you would have many insighful comments born out of a wide range of experience, I just wonder if titles such as 'Ten things not to say to your leader' , 'Joys and Frustrations of parish life', 'Great things about my job', 'How to avoid being a heart -sink parishoner' may come more easily!! Anyway- hope you succeed but will it be subtitled 'what I would like you to be like if I was leading you !'

St said...

Thanks everyone. Incredibly helpful.

Kev W said...

How about 'What do I do if my vicar starts listening to the moon?'
(last para typo, sorry couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Vinaigrette Girl here, delurking...

How can parishioners ask vicars to stop intoning their prayers as if they were doing God a huge favour by praising and blessing his holy name? There are two kinds of patronising God: the chummy pint-clicking "praise to you, oh God", which is at least preferable to the

Rising and falling

three part tone
we ( actually, I, moi, me)
bless you
oh Lord;
(now off You go).

Are vicars leaders or facilitators of God's spirit in action?