Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shutting Down

It is observed that the body has a tremendous capacity, when placed in a situation of emergency, to shut down support to all but essential systems. Thus a person who is about to be shot will lose bladder control.

Since having my knee surgery on Thursday, and despite the fact that I have been reading and watching films and TV since, I seem to have lost the capacity to say anything interesting (don't heckle) apart from reporting on my progress while my body concentrates on getting better. Clever body.

So I continue to be well on the mend and need to remind myself that recuperation will be slow. I will get back to my pre-operative state quickly but it will be a while until I get back the movement in my knee I lost eleven months ago when I tore the cartilage in the first place. I need to be a patient patient. Over enthusiastic exercise in the first two weeks after surgery, although feeling possible, will not be helpful.

The surgeon gave me a sick note for three weeks 'in case you need it.' Being a vicar is slightly less physically demanding than being a furniture remover (although they never told me at college how much furniture I would end up moving over the next twenty six years) so I will be back at light duties after a week.

For this week it's reading and movie watching and a test of the recovery will be whether or not I have anything intelligent to say by way of review or comment.


Marcella said...

Interestingly, if any of my staff had a sick note for three weeks but came back after one, I'd have to send them home again. My public liability insurance doesn't cover them in those circumstances, so if they tripped or injured themselves whilst on work-related business, I'd be uninsured...

Are churches insured in the same way as other employers, or do you just have to pray harder?!

St said...

I haven't handed in a sick note. The surgeon gave me one 'in case I needed it.' He probably shouldn't have. To be on the safe side I should see my GP on Thursday and get confirmation I can go back to some duties.

Marcella said...

Ah, that makes sense... Thanks for clarifying!