Monday, January 17, 2011

Four Lions

You can pretty much guarantee that if a film has Chris Morris' name amongst the credits it will be a movie with a target. In Four Lions the radicalised Muslims, with the exception of Omah their leader, are all special needs cases. Lest we feel complacent, and laugh at these too much, the police are portrayed as trigger-happy and unconcerned they may have killed an innocent victim as long as they can resolve whether a Wookie is a bear or not. Innocent witnesses are too easily fobbed off and a next-door neighbour fails to notice the bomb-making equipment on the table. Yupp. We're laughing at our own inadequacies as potential witnesses of an atrocity.

It's very funny but, as ever with Morris, it makes a point . Even a stupid suicide bomber can get lucky. And there is something really creepy about the way Omah's culturally-western family accept the fate to which he has committed himself.

Satire. It's complicated. Laugh and learn.

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