Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just so's you all know, tomorrow I'm going to be off sick for a bit. This will be the fourth time in my life I've entered hospital feeling by and large OK and will come out feeling grim. It's all for the best as I'm having my torn knee cartilage repaired. It's eleven months since I tore it.

When I was fourteen I had an operation on my left knee which necessitated four days in bed, ten days in hospital and three months on crutches. I still have the three inch scar. Complete success though. Left knee still works fine. Tomorrow I will be, all being well, in hospital for five hours and will only have a small scar. On my right knee. Surgeons please note.

For those who like the three syllable extravaganza that is surgery description:

The procedure - Knee Arthroscopy - unspecified therapeutic endoscopic operations on semilunar cartilage.

If I don't come round from the anaesthetic Mrs M is vegetarian but she does eat fish.

Don't you love that sneaky word 'unspecified.'

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Red said...

Hope all goes well :)