Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biblical Names

My sons have Hebrew names - Benjamin and Jonathan. I still like the names and I still like the sons. Bit of a result.

Although we chose the names because we liked them, and because they seemed to match the features we looked at some-weird-how, we didn't go too much by the meanings of the names.

Benjamin, for instance, means favourite son. Well I suppose he was for 28 months or so. Jonathan means 'gift of God.' Thanks God. Another favourite son. Now I have two. They have 'favourite son' competitions and make claims to that post when they have done something special. All in fun.

Ben claims he has won every year except 1982 (when Jon was born) and 2005 (when Jon graduated). As wise parents we choose never to comment. If they want to try to outdo each other in being nice to us that's OK.

Thing I just realised. The story of Joseph is the story of Jacob showing favouritism to his favourite son, thus causing jealousy (Genesis 37). But Jacob had eleven other sons. One of whom was called. Yeah, Benjamin.

The meaning of your name? Over-rated. The qualities you inhabit your name with? Priceless.

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