Sunday, November 07, 2010


It is Sunday morning. It is drizzly on a day the forecast promised dry. It is not my most tiring day of the week (this week) because this week that was yesterday. Anyway I'm in danger of having to discuss the old 'Which is the first day of the week' question, about which I have no opinion.

And that is an interesting question for me. I wonder about you. About what things do you have no opinion? Concerning which matters do you not only not care but really not care?

As a pub bore, oops I mean vicar, I find it important to have opinions about a lot of things, or at minimum to know the next question to ask on any given subject, even if I find myself with a train-spotter.

But about what there don't I even want to go (what a sentence that was).

Colour. There's one thing. Maybe it's living with someone who has strong opinions about colour that has left me taking second place.

Design. Sort of follows, I guess. I am a triumph of function over style. Do not make the DVD player into a vase stand (darling). I'll get the words as right as I can; you make them look good.

No, even with those two there's a chink. If colour or design are horribly wrong I'll generate an opinion. I won't be able to tell right from wrong but I'll be able to tell wrong. That's why I don't wear fudge colours. Don't know why; it's just wrong.

I'll need to try harder. Test me. Ask my opinion on stuff and I'll see if I have one.

Today we are staking out an Old Rectory with hopes and dreams. Holy Trinity Nailsea, 1200. Laters.


Jonathan Potts said...

What's your opinion on these things, which I have no opinion on, but some others have strong opinions on?

1. Is it Mothering Sunday or Mothers' day (or Mothers day)?

2. Which way round should the knife and fork go?

3. Should the first syllable of Shrewsbury be pronounced to rhyme with "Jews" or "Joe's"?

4. Is it called "dessert" or "pudding"? (It DEFINITELY isn't called "sweet".)

5. Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost?

Anonymous said...

I only have no opinion on number 3.
I wonder how many things most people really have no opinion on. And is that because of our unbringing and life experience? - Lots of people have an opinion that a sentence should never begin with 'And'.

St said...


1. Mothering sunday (strong opinion)

2. Knife right; fork left (tradition only; wouldn't go to the stake (or steak) over it)

3. Good one. But isn't a shrew a creature? We know how to pronounce that. Hmm. I'm getting dragged into having a view.

4. All three words are pefectly acceptable. Strong opinion.

5. Spirit. Strong opinion.

RuthJ said...

Why, in your strong opinion, is sunday spelt without its conventional capital?

St said...

Because I have stronger opinions than typing skills, durr.