Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Devil in Disguise?

I have a well-documented, and frankly well-moaned-about, allergy to furry animals.

The 'How can I resist evil?' Alpha session is the hardest one for me. It involves a complex understanding of the nature of religious language and metaphor, the reality of a world that includes suffering and a God of mercy and a variety of experiences from the punters some of whom face true adversity with resilience and others who blame the devil if they break a fingernail.

I have never been happy with my talks on this subject and last night's was no different, with one exception. Just as I had covered the material about the biblical imagery of the devil as a horned beast with a forked tail not being useful to take literally the door of our pub meeting room creaked slowly open.

Eyes went to the door but nothing entered at human height. Then, the fattest cat I have ever seen walked in and marched straight towards me (thanks Tim for the rescue operation).

That nails it folks. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion. Like. A. Roaring. Lion. A purring, furry depiction of evil. Get the cats before they get you folks. It's a war.


Anonymous said...


Word verification = hidepres, which is exactly what we are doing with a young child in the house and Christmas getting ever nearer.

Richard said...

For your thesis to hold water, the cats would have to be able to knowingly cause the allergy in the first place.

Which would require them to have opposable thumbs to be able to work the syringe.

I think it's just paypack for all those years you flicked footballs at your cat.