Monday, November 22, 2010

Cafe Create November

Great night at the Nailsea cafe last Friday with a bill topped by some astonishing guitar picking by Mark Fuller and the best 'audience question' we have ever had. Fascinating to discover that after our 'Films reworked to cope with cutbacks' item the twitterverse was awash with the trend #boring prequels. Cafe Create is utterly in tune with the times and if you weren't there you missed an absolute treat of an evening. Until January 21st then. Call me for a performance slot.

So here is our list of films:

The Little Train Robbery
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cubic Zircona Skull
Unemployed Girl
Moderate Expectations
The Bourne Disappointment
One Jumped Over the Cuckoo's Nest
One walked Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Star Disagreement
Star Tiffs
The Empire Strikes Backwards
Insufficient Postage on the Jedi or Return of the Jedi to sender
A Fist Full of Rupees
The Magnificent Six
The Magificent Three and a Half
Bearded Dragon Dundee
Harry Potter and the Quarter Blood Prince
The Medium Lebowski
99 Dalmations
One Dalmation
The 38 Steps
A Clockwork Segment
A Clockwork Tangerine
Lawrence of Weston-super-Mare
Gala Bingo Royale
Ocean's 10
Ocean's Still Recruiting
The Nine Commandments
Thousand Dollar Baby
Gone with the Breeze
Brokeback Molehill
Mission Quite Probable
Wind in the Bush
Reasonably Good Man
The Green Kilometer
The Green Metre
The Green Yard
Dead Poet
Eleven Monkeys
The Bridge of Madison County
Planes, Trains and Bicycle Clips
Toy Short Story
A Tale of One City
A tale of Two Small Villages
Where Sparrows Dare
Last Tango in Portishead
Last Tango in West Bromwich
The Six Million Zimbabwean Dollar Man
The Italian Part-time Job
Half a Thruppence
Around the World in 80 Years
Immigrant Cain
Asylum Seeker Cain
The English Still on the Waiting List
4 Cheap Weddings and an Eco-Funeral
4 Civil Partnerships and a Burial
Jobless in Seattle
The Boy in Striped Boxers
Breakfast at Little Chef
Breakfast at MacDonalds
Texas Hacksaw Massacre
West Side Sentence
The French Disconnection
A Bridge Not Far Enough
The Shortest Day
Extremely Brief Encounter
Homeless Alone
Raiders of the Basement Bin
The Failed Escape
Bedsit Rwanda
There Will Be Ketchup
Pirates of the Bristol Channel
When Harry Waved at Sally
Die Quickly
Snakes on a Hang-glider
One or Two Things I Hate About You
Girl with the Clip-on Ear-ring

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Mr Gnome said...

I want to see ALL of these film-ettes.

On a similar tack, reminds me of economic summary of Titanic: Everything including kitchen sinks.