Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost Causes

Because of the brief instruction at the end of his letter to 'snatch others from the fire' St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. God's sense of humour kicks the door down at this point and enquires if St happened to do his first curacy at a St Jude's. Indeed he did. Good work God. Treat me as a lost cause from the beginning and everything you get out of me is a bonus. Like your thinking. Oh you invented thinking did you? Soz.

Anyway I love today. It seems to me the saints day on which you examine the people you have met in your life who are furthest from faith and pray for them. I'm a fire-plucker; twisted fire-plucker. Don't try singing that outdoors until you've really got it.

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Jeremy said...

I also gathered he was 'loast causes' because early Christians couldn't bring themselves to use his name in prayer (it being 'Judas' really). So if you got to him you were really desperate.

There's a lovely tradition that if you do pray for his assistance and your prayer is answered, you have to acknowledge it publicly - like in the Announcements section of the paper. People do - I've seen them. Brilliant.