Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prayers for Healing

Here's the problem. I have a torn cartilage in my right knee and am on a waiting list for simple, effective day-surgery. From time to time it hurts like blazes; on other occasions - sometimes a few days in length - it is symptomless.

Last Sunday I had a good gym session and felt fine afterwards. During the periods when my knee feels better it is my prayer that I might know clearly whether this is healing or respite. I don't want to go for surgery if I don't need it. But almost the only way to find out if I need it is to have my knee opened up. Torn cartilages are notoriously difficult to see but they can be diagnosed easily enough with a pain-response to particular movements. Which I have.

I go to the gym to keep fit and to keep my back symptomless. Since I tore my cartilage back in February I have had to avoid running, rowing and lower-body weights but I've got by and the back's been OK with one minor tweak.

In my bedroom, removing my trainers, (the showers at the gym have been out of action for a wee while) I jolted my leg and a terrible pain tore up it. I have to say that I was disappointed but also happy. If you take an annoying car-noise to a mechanic it is dreadful when the squeak don't squeak.

So last night someone had a 'word' that there was a person to pray for with a right knee problem and a left elbow problem. I asked if this was thought to be two problems in one individual but they weren't sure. I tend to dismiss 'words from the Lord' if a statistical analysis would give me just as much chance of a hit. So I had hoped this 'word' was about one person. That would be less likely to be down to pure chance in a room of 30 or so people.

So they asked about me and I explained about my knee and that even if it was healed I wouldn't know without the surgery so I would be going ahead with the operation anyway so if they didn't mind I'd rather go home (it had been a two and half hour meeting at which I'd been taking notes as secretary most of the night) and cuddle the wife for ten seconds before bed. I had a feeling (forgive me) that these people would not be able to pray short-windedly.

Lack of faith or renewed mind? Your call.


Anonymous said...

I think your emphasis is in the wrong place:

Why aren't you cuddling your wife in bed?

Anonymous said...

"I had a feeling (forgive me) that these people would not be able to pray short-windedly"

Reminds me of the saying: If you pray for 2 minutes I pray with you; if you pray for 5 minutes, I pray for you; if you pray for 10 minutes, I pray against you.