Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Meaning of Life

Echoes of the answer from Douglas Adams' Deep Thought computer in the reply from the lovely guy on Today yesterday morning, a man who had travelled the world seeking the secret of happiness in different groups of people. He had journeyed far and wide but eventually found himself standing next to a bearded pagan character on Glastonbury Tor one solstice.

This guy said he had heard that the traveller was seeking the secret of happiness. He said he had found it, strangely, printed on the side of a bottle of bleach. As the traveller took out his note book he heard the advice: 

Keep upright and stand in a cool place

Well that will do for me for a few weeks. It should be accompanied by the great warning about life contained on the side of many food products: 

May contain nuts

I have found this to be true.


Lesley said...

And how to avoid headaches printed on the aspirin bottle - keep away from children

dinah said...

what great advice for life, stay upright and in a cool place! good advice indeed.