Friday, September 10, 2010

Luke 15

I am also very much looking forward to Sunday because Luke 15 comes up and I am at a lectionary-using church. It is one of my favourite chapters of the Bible. I love preaching on lost things mattering to a God who is either like a stupid shepherd or an old woman. He's also like a bad Dad but we don't get the prodigal son this week.

I posed the question to an audience yesterday:

If you could keep only ten chapters of the Bible, what would they be? I always find eleven necessary so how about:

Genesis 1-3
Exodus 3&4
Exodus 20
Isaiah 53
John 1
Mark 16
Colossians 1
Revelation 21

Which one shall I leave at home?


Doug Chaplin said...

Which version of Mark 16?

Darren said...

If I had to leave one of those you chose, I'd go for the Revelation one, but that is only because the rest of the book causes so much trouble. But then I suppose with only the one chapter that would be okay. The other option would be drop Genesis 1, as it is summed up nicely in John 1?

This has really got me thinking. Great post.

Kev Webb said...

Wot no Psalms!

St said...

Doug, I think the shorter version. I love the way when Jesus finally tells people they can let the secret out they say nothing because they are afraid. Better ending. How did we get to find out? Who can say?

Nick Sharp said...

I'd lose Genesis 1-3 in favour of Genesis 11, to get God choosing a pensioner to father a nation, and that would leave me room for Romans 8.
How can you possibly miss out Romans 8?
The logical conclusion to this is take your 10 chapters and throw away 9. Which one would you keep?
You can guess what mine would be - Romans 8!

Anonymous said...

Why do you consider him to be a bad dad?

St said...

I'll post on the bad dad question separately.