Friday, September 10, 2010

Looking Forward

One of the little things that makes me feel happy is the knowledge that something special is coming along. I like having something to look forward to. So it is good to have tickets for things. Currently I am looking forward to the comedian John Richardson, the band The Foals, the show Shlomo's Boxed (an evening of beat-boxing at Bristol's Old Vic, still tickets left) and the possibility of a couple of decent bits of Shakespeare in the spring once Tobacco Factory tickets go on sale. What do you await with eagerness?


Steve C said...

I've waited years for Belle and Sebastian to tour again, something they haven't done since I (rather late in the day) discovered them a few years ago. In December they are playing near me. Very near - a ten minute walk from my house. Then Billy Bragg plays the same venue three days later. The tickets are pinned up in the hall and my anticipation is mounting.

And this weekend my 6 year-old saw Fulham win for the first time (in four attempts). That was something he's been looking forward to for months. It was against Wolves too, Steve, so I'm sure you will share in his joy.

St said...

As you know the Bible encourages us to hate the wolves on many occasions. I am simply being obedient.