Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Goldbrick House

Half way up Bristol's Park Street on the left is a bistro-like café bar called Goldbrick House.

We have eaten in the ground-floor shop window café before although only coffee and cake or a quick lunchtime snack.

Last Saturday was a sunny day and as we were walking past we noticed that there was a special offer of a two course meal for £10 in the rooftop restaurant. Well why not?

Friends, it's a gem. Whilst the view from the rooftop is mainly of other rooftops, unless you stand on a chair and gaze out towards South Bristol, the food and service is outstanding for the price.

I had a hake and squid salad with cumin-dressed rocket; Mrs M linguine with parmesan, pine nuts and, I think, basil. Then we both had excellent summer pudding and ice cream. Two glasses of wine at £6 each (there were cheaper), a bottle of sparkling water and a small service charge (to which we added) took our bill to £37. Still an absolute bargain.

To reach the rooftop involves climbing several staircases and negotiating a couple of corridors. There were two private parties going on in separate rooms and, all in all, the place is much bigger than you might expect. Unlikely to be many more days when eating on the roof is sensible, but it is lovely.

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Kev Webb said...

Spooky, I'm going there tomorrow evening. Now looking forward to it even more than I was before.