Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank You

Many thanks to those of you who supported me through last weekend in prayer. My back is fine again. The advice from the neuro-surgeon who treated me (without surgery) in 2001 was put into operation and meant a recovery from what was probably a small disc tear in a few days without bed rest. 'Backs are meant to move' was his advice. I commend it. One request. Please don't assume, at wedding party bops, that the non-dancers are all party-poopers. Some will be but others may be injured. Thanks girls for dragging me on to the dance floor; thanks Mark and Megs for choosing that moment to leave and saving me from exacerbating everything.

The PC Doc has pronounced that my computer has no infection and the problem may be hardware. This is good news for not losing data but bad news for the repair time scale. I am still picking up emails only once a day and am best contacted by phone. Another learning experience from the weekend is that if you happen to be sharing the toilet washing facilities with someone else, and you are discussing infections and viruses, make sure any newcomers who join you are aware it is computers that are being discussed. I'm just saying.

I have had a good week reading stuff in books when I would normally have been online. Karen Armstrong's The Bible; a Biography is fabulous.

My bedside book at the moment is A.A. Gill's Paper View. It is a digest of his Times' TV review columns. I regularly laugh myself to sleep.

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Ali said...

Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the advice re infections and viruses. Must try to remember that