Friday, August 27, 2010

Honey and Pistachio Cake

Caught the repeat of Jamie does Greece the other night and the recipe for a cake made with olive oil, semolina and Greek yoghurt sounded too ghastly to be true so I tried it. Have to say it is beltingly good. The honey, plus the juice and zest from an orange and a lemon give it a real sweet tang. And it ages well. Serve it warm as a pudding with strawberries and then later as an afternoon cake with a cuppa. Find the instructions in the excellent Jamie Does... book based on his travels.

One word of warning. For the price of 150 grams of shelled pistachios you could buy five cheap cakes. Maybe go easy on them.

That programme and book also provided us with our supper the other night - dressed greens on toast. The combination of toast, tomatoes, feta and wilted spinach is a winner.

Thanks Mr Oliver. Always a joy

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