Friday, August 06, 2010

A First

In a bag of purchases from a fashionable Cheltenham boutique last Friday I discovered they had given me a free can of something called Red Bull Shot.

Now up until then I had never partaken of Red Bull in any form, shot or not. High on life, needs no artificial stimulants etc.

But I needed to know. So the other afternoon, just before my nap,  I did. My good freaky deaky upside downside up again spinny wide-eyed for mercies sake why the blimey concentrate blink blink blink read write TV cook cinema kappow things to do list shop read paper in my lady's chamber (is that a metaphor, I think we should be ...) God. What in the name of e-numbers have I done? I now contain so much sugar I think I could sweeten your coffee by walking near it.

Never, ever again.


maggi said...

I said "no thanks" to a Red Bull promoter on the street yesterday. "It's no different from normal coke!" she said. Now I'm glad I said no...

Ali said...

wow! that good eh? ;-)