Saturday, August 14, 2010


The computer I have borrowed has non-Windows software loaded and, do you know, it's really rather good. I have no idea what the operating system is. I think it is a version of Linex called Ubuntu but the words Mozilla Firefox come up every now and again. Sounds like an Italian cheese dish with chillies. All PCs speak Klingon; discuss.

Anyway everything loads speedily enough, which is nice. It will print to my printer without too much trouble but won't dialogue with it so I don't know what the printer is saying any more. Had to change three ink cartridges before I'd got the right one. I can use my two email addresses online but can't access my back-up drive with old emails on it (hopefully I'll fix that on Monday).

So it seems to be a day full of hope and optimism. There was a nice weather window for a wedding at lunchtime and a football season full of hope beckons, ignoring the current score against Chelsea which isn't the place West Brom will be judged.

I've made a nice fish pie and Mrs M has made a summer pud. I've got The Wire series five left to watch although tonight we might do a Mad Men episode.

Little things make a Saturday happy. I shall change for dinner.


Marcella said...

Ubuntu is a non-Microsoft operating system, (as opposed to Windows XP, Vista etc). Firefox is a non-Microsoft browser, (as opposed to Internet Explorer). I can recommend Opera as another good browser if you don't like Firefox.

There is life without Bill Gates!

RuthJ said...

I always read Mustard Seed Shavings in Firefox!