Sunday, May 02, 2010

How Should Christians Vote?

I have posted my sermon from this morning, on this subject, here.

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Dave Neal said...

Great article ST. I had tea at the May fair with one of the Labour ladies and the subject moved on to our faith. "Tell me," the Labour lady said, "Why do so many Christians vote for right-wing groups rather than groups with socialist principles?" She then explained that as a non-believer (she said she believed in Jesus as a historical figure - just not God) she was inspired by the social action of Jesus. She's got a point - particularly in Nailsea. I know of many Christians who are thinking of voting for one party because they think Europe will hinder their freedom to exercise Christian principles in the workplace. What about the fact that in the European Union, the death penalty has now been abolished?
There is always another side to the coin. Speaking of coins, I think I'm going to need one on Thursday to help me decide.