Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Final Thoughts

The news media have been very fond of putting before the electorate the question, 'If you could vote for a hung parliament, would you?' A surprising number of respondents say they would, even though that might not be the best result for our jittery money markets.

The electorate could well shoot itself in the foot, an analogy which may mean the deliberate act of a calculating coward or the clumsy act of a dyspraxic gunslinger and anyway can't apply to a crowd. Except I'm going to see if hysterical dyspraxia is a googlewhack. It isn't. 4740 hits. OK it's the name of my new band.

Here's a question I'd like to see put; would you vote Labour if it had a different leader? If you could have Gordon Brown's obviously internationally-respected financial acumen in the back room and someone else with charisma and looks at the helm? Hmm.

Cleggy. Join the Labour party. Bring Vince. Otherwise only a hung parliament can deliver.

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