Saturday, April 10, 2010


It is not fun stomping around in the minefield of my personal motivation but let me tell you that today, a bright, sunny spring morning, I have sat at my computer and done three months' expenses. I have looked at this job since the beginning of March (when it would only have been two months) and yet didn't get round to it until today. Why not? Easy. I hate doing it and am a lazy git. Why today? Well that's interesting.

Enter the excellent, gorgeous and hard-working Mrs Mustard who, after already going into town and having a nice lady do unmentionable things to any lower body hairs Mrs M possesses, has returned and announced that, since it is still too damp to mow the lawn, she will clean the conservatory windows.

The motivation I need to do anything other than cleaning is measured in very large amounts. To do cleaning registers 0.0001 of a micro-urge. So I immediately generated the energy to write a piece for a magazine that I needed to do by Monday, sorted out the washing, relocated the guinea pig hutch to a part of the lawn with longer grass and then, aware that any sign of relaxation would be greeted with a request to 'give me a hand' did my expenses. I've tidied my desk.

She is still going. I might have to tidy my study.


Kathryn said...

I need Mrs M to motivate me too...Have identical hate/hate relationship with expenses, a study that looks as if there has been a "breaking & entering" by a peculiarly vindictive gang of anticlericalists, and a lost diary.
So I'm going to walk the dogs....

Anonymous said...

I'm normally a self motivated person. What gets me is packing to go on holiday. I'd do almost anything to put off that final moment when I have to decide once and for all that I have made the right choices about what to take and what to leave behind. .... And I always take too much.