Sunday, April 25, 2010

Luke 15 Again

Every now and then I post a 'Rejoice with me for that which was lost is found' piece. Yesterday was such a day. It was a good day.

By way of background to item one I must share the Mustard theory of ecclesiastical tableware generation. All church hall kitchens are fitted with a crockery and utensil magnet. However this is powered by a complex boggleomatic drive (named after the scoring system in the game Boggle in which only original words score points) which ensures that only one of each type is attracted or retained. After a period of a few years no item of church kitchen crockery or cutlery matches any other.

The advantage of this is that I was quickly able to identify the better-than-average baking tray that had arrived since I last cooked anything there using the oven as the one I had lost shortly after purchasing it a few months back.

Later, taking a bottle of wine to a dinner party I found my favourite barkeeper's corkscrew at the bottom of the wine carrier, where it had clearly been since the parish weekend last November when I thought I had left it at the conference centre.

And whilst more replaced than lost, during the afternoon I popped up to Tesco and bought some bits and pieces - croissants, bread, fruit, yoghurt. Although the bill of £36 may surprise you it included, get this, a DVD player. And not, at that, the cheapest DVD player Tesco stock. Since the old DVD player developed a grudge on Friday and would only play DVDs it was familiar with and no new ones, this was a bit of a result.

I probably need to offset the carbon footprint and make a donation to a charity for impoverished far eastern electrical workers but for now I am simply smug.

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I see your wordle now reads 'Premiership rules many people'
Not us.