Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Good Man Jesus

Many posts have been written over the last few days about Philip Pullman's new book The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. There are excellent posts by Bishop Alan on the subject. Also Andrew Marr's Radio 4 Start the Week on Monday had a fine discussion including Pullman, Archbishop Rowan, David Baddiel and Mona Siddiqui. It was good to hear people talking and listening to each other. Very grown up radio. Catch it on the BBC web site for another few days.

It was interesting that Nailsea Bookshop juxtaposed the novel with our Easter Journey installation.

In The Spectator, A.N.Wilson's review of the book suggested it may drive people back to the gospels wondering if the simple explanation of resurrection faith found there might not have something to commend it. Fascinating. By and large it is the church that gets the stick from Pullman, not Jesus.

I note that Rowan at no point said, without qualifying and clarifying, that the Roman Catholic church had lost all credibility. That particular sound-bite was thrown into the programme preview quite, if I may say so, mischievously.

Anyway I'm sure that before long people will be venerating relics of that church's true credibility. In case my catholic chums have lost the ability to laugh at themselves recently (quite understandable) that was meant to be a wee gag.

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Anonymous said...

When I complimented the bookshop owner on his completion of the window with Easter books he straight away said that putting the Pullman book in could be seen as controversial. I indicated that we were always open to discussion of different views.