Monday, March 01, 2010

What Do You Think?

I had an interesting phone call the other day. The reason for the call, as expressed right at its beginning, was to find out what my opinion was of some intended policy. The course of action was then explained to me at some length and I asked a couple of questions to clarify. At this point I was thanked for my helpfulness and the conversation terminated. I suppose I could have shouted, 'Wait, wait, you haven't heard my opinion.' I suspect that would have been a complete waste of time. Anyone who forgets to listen to the views they have imagined they called to procure has a different problem.

So, life skill whatever we have got to. If you want to run something past someone to hear how it sounds as you speak it, do so. Don't tell them you want their opinion, unless you do. By the way I am a married man whose partner gets home from work. I can provide this service. I am good at it.

If you do want an opinion, spend time listening to it. Obvious? Apparently not.

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Anonymous said...

What about when you don't ask for an opinion and don't want one, but just want to get it off your chest, and you get a solution you didn't want.
Men are from Mars .....