Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poetry Challenge

Last night's poetry challenge was to write a poem about a bunion including the words:

Gordon Brown

Written in about 45 minutes here is the result:

How Not to Deal with Bunions

My foot has developed a lump
More of a bump than a hump
I'd like it excised
While it is small-sized
And remains a leg-length from my rump

It won't go by defenestration
Perhaps I could try legislation
I'll ask my MP
To law-make for me
An anti-carbuncle oblation

I laze day-by-day on the couch
Because when I walk I go ouch
Three feet from my right hip
The size of a turnip
I'd love it removed now I vouch

With a nice gondolier called Dennis
The surgeon is on leave in Venice
Instead of foot cutting
He's swimming and putting
Or playing the odd game of tennis

I wonder if I might make bold
And encourage my big toe to fold
But no joy, no rapture
A snap then a fracture
I've broken my foot now I'm told

Immobilised from the knee down
I feel a bit of a clown
Lower limb origami
Was clearly quite barmy
You know who I blame? Gordon Brown


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Cosmo said...

Very, very good. And looks like to international critical acclaim too judging by your commenters.

St said...

I have no idea Cosmo. I'll have to ask my son if it is Japanese.

RuthJ said...

Steve please read my email.

St said...

Thanks Ruth. I've taken the comment away