Friday, January 15, 2010

Cafe Create Tonight

Cafe Create is a pre-evangelism event for those who might engage with life through the arts and performance more than science and lecture. Given the nature of the arty community it requires a huge amount of trust, faith and patience to see if any local live acts want to give it a go. We tend to be a last minute bunch. No make that last ten seconds. The danger is of putting on a performance event at which no-one performs and my solo career as a comic/poet/story-teller/musician gets more attention, frankly, than it deserves.

Tonight seems to be a bit of a breakthrough night in Nailsea. I think I have four music acts including some solo fiddle jigs and reels and three guitar-based turns including local musicians some of whom have played together before but not all. This is what it is meant to be like. Plus a guest DJ, a poet and whatever I do to fill the gaps. Bound to be beyond compere.

In my dreams this bi-monthly event has a team who have particular responsibilities and who never meet but simply exchange emails. We have met once but next time we may become virtual in preparation.

Snowball down a hill is a good, and timely, metaphor for this. It needs a momentum. I think, just gently mind, that it is getting it. Do come along and support it if you can.

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