Friday, January 01, 2010

The Clangers

Since we were sitting under the bell tower it seemed an apt name for our quiz team. Two couples, one with their three children made our seven strong squad. And although the point of this is not to brag about our one point, coming up on the rails, victory, it is worth saying something about every member ministry. Oh yes; it's a sermon point.

If child T hadn't known precisely which Harry Potter film the still was taken from. If child T2 hadn't watched so many episodes of the Simpsons. If child C hadn't seen many animated movies. If adult L hadn't recalled the name of the only woman to join the Red Arrows. If I hadn't a ridiculously thorough knowledge of World Cup host nations then all the genius and knowledge of adults A and J would have come to nothing.

Do your bit. Help the team win.

We won by one point. Did I mention that? Chocolates will be available to all at church on Sunday.


jw said...

So, the winning team has a range of ages - tick, and a similar mind for trivia as the question host!

St said...

Very possibly. Thanks for a well organised evening.

Nod Real said...

Congratulations to the Clangers - from The Expectants (so named because one of our team had a daughter who was just about to 'pop') - which was just that one point behind. But if only we had believed the person who thought that Caracas was the capital of Venezuela and actually written it on our answer form. And if only we had gone with the two people who said Lizt was Hungarian rather than the one who said Austrian - then we would have won by 3 points. But life is full of 'if onlys...' Our consolation was that we thrashed the opposition out of sight in the competition to build the tallest free-standing structure made out of newspaper and sellotape!!

St said...

If I'd not been in the team they may have won by more.