Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP t'Pub

A moment's silence please. The three public buildings on Trendlewood Estate just became two. Sources close to the Old Farmhouse (neighbours) told me that they thought it had closed. A quick wander down at lunchtime showed vans taking away fruit machines and an empty car park.

Do we:

a) Start going to a pub with nice beer on a Monday night?
b) Open one of our houses up to become a drinking den?
c) Buy it?
d) Something brilliant I haven't thought of?

Not another multi-million pound building project. Someone's having a giraffe.


david said...

Next Alpha at the Old Barn then?

Mike Peatman said...

always sad to hear a pub closing.

Buy it - dual purpose church / social club

Anonymous said...

Buy it!Trendlewood can return to its roots & great place for community outreach.
Sandie P

Anonymous said...

My first thought is the same as Sandie's.
What a challenge that would be!
Feasible? Realistic?
Only God knows. - A month of listening prayer seems in order.
Did you hear on the local news about the pub in Langford (?) that a church was running?

Mike Peatman said...

Could you rent it for a bit? They're not going to sell it for a while in this climate.

Find an MSE bartender. Sorry - just got a new job.

jw said...

So a couple of days away and back to this stunning news. Let's go for a) or b) - if it's yours. Cos that's within walking distance.

Then c) isn't mutually exclusive so, rather than another 474 Pimms on the Lawns (or 999 by my reckoning), we'll have to go for 1,000 BBQs at the pub as well!

The finance strategy was beginning to take shape...

jw said...

c) is no longer an option - opened tonight under new management!