Thursday, August 06, 2009

North Sea

Landscape archaeologists, geologists and whatever the ologists are who study under the water all agree. The North Sea was once a relatively flat land area roamed by grazing animals. The bones of creatures and the remains of primitive societies have been found down there.

Mrs T, the Lord bless her, is the Regional Manager at her company for the west of England. Stick with me. The first two paragraphs will join up.

I believe that Cargo Homestores Liz speaking how may I help you are still in possession of an early map of the British Isles which shows wildebeest grazing east of Great Yarmouth and village dwellers occasionally driving west to shop in Lowestoft.

Any other explanation of why High Wycombe is deemed to be in the west of England will be gratefully received.

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Anonymous said...

Proably by the same maths/geographical unawareness that marks birmingham as the North!