Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Surreal Christian experiences number whatever we've got to. I arrive at the church building and there is a white dove wandering around outside the door. Unlike other similar creatures it does not fly off as I get near, or scatter as the town pigeons do. It simply wanders around in circles picking up bits of this and that to eat. I crouch down and it ignores me completely, not scared by my voice.

'It's probably an angel,' says my colleague. 'Let it in.' Our church has, allegedly, had an angel trying to get in for some months now but on the only occasion we invited it in (prayerfully) the evening service was struck by a spirt of dullness.

Anyway if she thinks I'm getting a reputation for welcoming pigeons... so I speak to it. Hope nobody noticed. Damn, told the world by accident. I am somewhat relieved to discover it doesn't talk back. Balaam remains unique.

As I leave the church a few minutes later it is still there, pecking a wider path around the outside of the church. I walk with it. It seems fine with this and we share silent communion for a few minutes wandering.

I'm still listening.

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