Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jesus on Wheels in Gozo

In the centre of the island of Gozo is the capital, Victoria. It is known as Rabat in Gozitan. In the centre of Rabat is a citadel, built by the knights of St John, to provide protection and sanctuary for the people of the island in the event of marauding Turks or other barbarians intent on taking the people into slavery.

It is fearsomely high and protected by sheer walls, cannon and the fact that any invasion has to be done in temperatures of over 30 degrees celsius most of the year.

There is a great view of the island if you are invited in rather than having to cross the ditch and climb the wall. It is a very Catholic island and I rather think they would have approved of my little bewheeled friend offering his hand of blessing and protection. There is probably a shop in the town which sells his friends. This has been a record breaking year for JoW and it will end with trips to Australia, Zambia and Germany.


Mike Peatman said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Ali said...

I'm off to Paris and Brussels on rugby tour the weekend just immediately before Christmas if he is available and would like to accompany us.

St said...

If he gets back in time I'm sure he'd be happy to meet with all the publicans and sinners a rugby tour will encounter.