Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tory Leader

I've seen enough of David Camera-on to make my mind up. I think I would like to make the acquaintance of David Camera-off. I have no idea what he's like, what he really thinks, what his policies are, what his political philosophies are or anything.

Are we doomed to get another election campaign where candidates vie not to tell us what they will be doing but scare us with what they tell us the others will be doing. We're cleverer than that.


Mr Gnome said...

One read that after their brief meeting last summer, Mr Obama was distinctly unimpressed by Mr Cameron.

Caroline Too said...

sorry, st, but no, we're not cleverer than that

we are, it seems, on our way to voting in another vacuous but pleasant user of market research

maybe he'll be wiser than the last one and at least we won't have Bush and his cronies to pull the 'poodles' strings so as to make it yap

but it is a depressing thought

for me it is the great disservice that Brown has done to us

by his poor judgement he has made smiling vacuity an election winning strategy...


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