Monday, July 06, 2009

Hit it with a what?

'That's a ganglion that is,' said the prayer ministry team as they prayed for my wrist. They were right. Perhaps they should become doctors. It didn't get any better.

'That's a ganglion that is,' said Mrs T. Shall I hit it with a book? I went a bit weak-kneed at this point. I've heard of hitting ganglions with books (and indeed Doctor Bell once teased Mrs T that he was going to do that to one she had but he successfully scared her into getting better - good doctoring that) but that was before I realised that in the wrong position they hurt like blazes.

'I'll hit it with a book,' said curate colleague and friend Richard simultaneously from separate counties. Why this enthusiasm for hitting me with a book? Don't answer.

So the doctor I saw today confirms it is a ganglion but made no offer to hit it with a book. Five days of strapping and anti-inflamatories and then four weeks of wait-and-see. If no joy then time for people to cut into me and see if I bleed.

So friends? Any wisdom. Hitting ganglions with books? Is that just for the soft ones in non-awkward places. Or should I toughen up?


ClaireT said...

Never heard of this book-hitting malarkey, but wondered if it was like osmosis .. does it depend on what the book is?

Would you need a text that is suitably anti-inflammatory?

Chris said...

Quote from this page:

"Many people have heard of the traditional cure. That is, to smash them with a heavy book (tradition holds it to be the family bible). This bursts the cyst under the skin. The fluid is then absorbed into the bloodstream. In some people this works well, but there is a high chance of it recurring as the walls of the cyst can reform. However, it is an instant cure for some."

So there you go.

Chris said...

Also known as a Bible Bump according to wikipedia (so it must be true).

Caroline Too said...



but not very helpful,


Mike Peatman said...

Yep. My GP said the book treatment worked when I got one on my foot. However, he recommended waiting to see if it went down naturally and minor surgery if it became irritating.