Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spoiled Memories

At the end of our Silver Wedding anniversary party back in 2002 we took one of the decorative, grey if the truth be told, helium balloons and let it go. We watched for ages as it disappeared into the distance; a sort of metaphor of something approaching an ongoing life together and it was really jolly poignant and about as close as I get to romantic without a good run up. I treasure the memory, a phrase I promise not to write very often.

Reading the Guardian last Saturday I learned that these plastic monsters usually deflate over the sea where creatures which normally consume jellyfish eat them. And then die horribly. Now, instead of a vision of walking hand-in-hand with Mrs T into the future, I have a vision of a turtle in agony.

Ah well. Seven years is long enough to treasure a memory (oops). Time for a new one.


St said...

Letter in the Guardian the next day said that opinion was garbage - most balloons bio-degrade before being confused for jelly fish.

Word verification = volly. Frozen vodka on a stick?

RuthJ said...

Ha, reduced to commenting on his own blog! Glad you got your memory back though ...

Word veri = thrus. An inadequate fungal infection.