Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Blackbird chicks first appeared in our garden in the spring, staying close to feeding parents and going crazy for food. It is fun to watch them growing up. Two are learning the ropes right now, jumping up into bushes and finding grubs to eat. Picking insects off the underside of our garden chairs.

But they haven't mastered water. We have a bird bath. It is quite shallow so they can paddle in it. We also have an old water tank full of deeper water. I think one of the immatures reckoned that all water must be bird-bath depth. It stood on the edge of the tank. It leaned in. There was a splash. Then it had to spend ten minutes on the fence with its wings out, trying to get dry.

Jumping in without planning. It's over-rated.


Anonymous said...

Is there a message for us all there?

St said...

Oh ar.