Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Week - Wednesday

0715 Washing, dustbins, tidying.
0730 Emails and administration
0800 Blog post on holiday reading recommendations
0840 Breakfast and shower
0930 Head for Tickenham via Holy Trinity for Communion
1000 Communion
1045 Gym
1230 Admin, emails and filing
1300 Travel to HT to meet placement student. Lunch and reflection.
1430 Home via shops
1445 Desk for admin (including six months expenses - oops that's bad practice but hooray - that pays for the holiday)
1715 Travel to Christ Church for Local Ministry Group weekly Evening Prayer
1815 Prepare supper
1900 Eat supper with placement student and Mrs T
2000 Check emails and knock off

1 comment:

jw said...

Just preparing finance papers for Tuesday. Thanks for the helpful explanation for one current underspend!