Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Week - Thursday

0715 Up and shower
0730 Put out dustbins and green waste
0740 Breakfast at computer, preparation for Quiet Day later
0900 Morning Prayer
1000 Quiet Day (hosted at my house 6 guests)
1600 Last guests leave. Tidy up, plan evening meal for 10 and then shop.
1700 Break
1830 Prepare Food for 18-25s group (Nailsea young adult Christians)
1900 First two arrive for chat and help with catering
2000 Eat and then spend time on answering questions arising from their month's Bible studies
2215 Tidy round and find wallet and house keys. Try and contact owner but computer goes down as I search for phone number due to power cut in thunder storm (twice). Eventually send text to a friend of the owner
2245 Knock off

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