Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Week - Tuesday

0700 Finish a book I fell asleep with last night
0730 Shower
0745 Prayers, reading and preparation
0845 Breakfast meeting with youth worker, phone message
1000 Staff meeting
1200 Chat to placement student, check emails, phone call
1230 Pastoral appointment
1345 Lunch
1445 Ordination rehearsal
1630 Home via Tescos
1645 Prepare for evening meeting and check emails, chat to placement student
1800 Prepare meal whilst chatting to placement student and checking Andy Murray's Wimbledon progress
1900 Eat meal with wife and placement student
1930 Members of meeting (Trendlewood Committee) get a drink if they arrive early
1945 Meeting starts (ends 2130)
2140 Ironing
2205 Watch news and then blog this
1100 Bed


Steve said...

Placement student (aka Steve C.) enjoyed the meal and chats. He also found it amusing that Steve T was accused by his wife of showing off to placement student by cooking a posh tea. Placement student wasn't complaining mind.

RuthJ said...

Query: to what extent does the knowledge that you are committed to blogging your week affect the content of said week and the execution of same?

St said...

Good question Ruth. That was behind my decision to blog a random week as chosen by the public and it is interesting that the first week back after holidays (usually a more reactive than proactive week) was chosen. I have tried to be honest but have not put details of the content of conversations or identified parishioners. I've edited a couple of things out that would have looked strange yet weren't - to have explained myself would have taken far too much time, thought and detail.

dmk said...

Impressed that you went to bed at 11am and still managed to do all of this. I've never come across a vicar who could do the job in his sleep....

Reassuring in a way, because this looks just as messy as one of my normal days!