Monday, June 22, 2009

My Week - Monday

I threw out a challenge a few weeks ago that I would blog the first week from my diary randomly requested. Pauline suggested this week so I gladly oblige. First day back after holiday.

0730 Wash and shower
0800 Working through thousands of emails from holiday whilst eating toast
0900 Morning Prayer
0945 Weekly meeting with Curate colleague
1100 Back to those emails and writing column for Church of England Newspaper (2 phone calls)
1300 Break
1345 Communion training with Curate colleague in preparation for her first communion as a priest this Sunday
1515 Home via Tescos
1545 Prepare for meeting and continue with email trawl, eat sandwich
1750 Meeting at Christ Church re future service
1930 Talk to Mrs T and prepare supper together then eat (1 phone call)
2015 Finish column, blog and archive last month's, write this entry
2130 Knock off

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten that I had suggested it. ... And I e-mailed you on your first day back too!