Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Don't Vote BNP

Here is a very small straw poll of what might happen tomorrow. I spent half an hour in the pub reading the paper at lunchtime. Tough job, parish ministry but someone has to do it etc.

The barmaid (early 20s) asked what you had to do if you wanted to vote, did you just turn up at a school or something? She had no idea if she was on the register of electors (or that you had to be) and couldn't recall receiving a poll card. I'd guess she isn't, so she didn't.

A guy aged 70 or so explained that the Tories in North Somerset had such a large majority that they were arrogant towards everyone else and didn't listen. He was going to vote UKIP.

A slightly younger guy said he was not going to vote for one of the organised mainstream parties but BNP would be his first choice followed by UKIP.

All three agreed that the Prime Minister should stand down.

No-one mentioned expenses.

It is not the place of Mustard Seed Shavings to tell you how to vote but it encourages you so to do. However if you vote for the British National Party (BNP) you should know that you are voting for a party whose chairman Nick Griffin (according to today's Guardian) has a conviction for inciting racial hatred. His party spins a good yarn but it is racist. You must not vote for a racist party, mainstream or minority; organised or disorgansied. We've got beyond it and yet cannot act as if it doesn't exist. You must not.

The husband of the writer's dental hygienist is a Malaysian by birth and is going to vote in a British election for the first time ever tomorrow. He is very excited. We should remember that democracy is a privilege. Use your vote responsibly.

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Caroline Too said...

I will vote for the first time in since the last Euro-elections... because it is proportional representation and my vote means something.

I delight in our privilege of democracy, which is why I am so angry that our current system is such an abuse of that privilege.

I heartily agree with your sentiments about the BNP