Thursday, June 04, 2009


Well I just exercised my democratic right. I was given the longest sheet of paper I have ever been given in a polling booth so I fear the minor parties (only one true 'independent') will cancel each other out. Here is the choice in North Somerset:

British National Party
Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"
Conservative Party
English Democrats Party
Fair Pay Fair Trade Party
Jury Team
Liberal Democrats
Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall
No2EU: Yes To Democracy
Pensioners Party
Pro Democracy:
Socialist Labour Party
The Green Party
The Labour Party
United Kingdom Independence Party
Wai D
Katie Olivia Hopkins

Boy, did the officials look bored (that's not a party, just a statement of opinion).

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Mike Peatman said...

We had 13 - lacking the Cornish one and a couple of others. Pity BNP are at the top.